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RWM – SYSTEMS was established in 1980.

Since then we have designed and produced thousands of different kind of unique displays

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Time and temperature displays, swimming pool temperature displays and led- message displays.

All of our outdoor displays and other products are designed to handle extremely hard weather conditions. That is because weather conditions here in Finland vary from minus 40 degree celsius (- 40 F) to plus 40 degree celsius ( + 104 F).

Most of our mechanical 7- segment temperature displays are still working well, although they have been installed in their places over 30 years ago!

Our first product – mechanical 7 – segment temperature display – is still manufactered, because it is still the best choice in some cases. For example, this kind of display can be seen very well inspite of direct sunlight. Led – temperature display is the best choice, when sun goes down and you need much attention !

Time and temperature displays for hotel lobbies


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RWM-Systems on perustettu vuonna 1980.

Kuluneiden 34 vuoden aikana olemme valmistaneet esimerkiksi ulkonäyttötauluja enemmän, kuin muut toimijat Suomessa yhteensä. Tämä tarkoittaa tuhansia toimitettuja laitteita.

RWM vastaa – asiakkaan tarpeista ja sopimuksesta riippuen – koko hankintaprosessista kattaen rahoituksen, suunnittelun, tuotannon, toimituksen ja teknisen tuen sekä huollon.

RWM-Systems on jälleen parhaassa AAA-luokassa 2014






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